Cotton Candy
Closes a door
All my problems
Instantly make you happy
The answers
Loving you is so easy
A mysterious stranger

The first thing I thought of
Cease to exist
The Great Hall in Heaven
Turn the knob slowly
Every book that will never be written
My house after I died
Our souls are bound together
This day would come

All the things making me miserable
Mirror image
No one from the future
The most important thing
Bodily into heaven
Every day is a new day
Doomed to failure
Other people
Myself single
Now that I think about it

A bolt of lightning
What love felt like
A gift of paper
Start to laugh
Last time for the first time
Cherry trees
No big deal
Things would be different
Hide and seek
Everyone that has ever loved me

Completely hopelessly wondrously
A beautiful smile
Hand over your heart
Finally stopped crying
Than anyone else I
Everywhere I look
A miraculous recovery after something terrible
It will hurt
Never give up

The only true love
The night in that haunted house
My boyfriend is a vampire
The very first page
They hide the fact
The sound of digging
This house a home
How I lost you
And we never complained

Look into your face
Someone who loves me back
A hundred times a day
Keeping busy these last few weeks
Before it’s ok
That comes along
Not even a moment
Just once (illustrated)
The unexpected touch of a hand
Had resolved

More people love you more
You never lived up to my dreams
And in their story
Everything I knew
At first sight
And I felt so relieved
The whole vengeance thing
Cool enough
How not to be lonely
You lips have grown so cold

Waited all this time
Doing great
Flowers in hand
No amount of guilt
One person split
Hard being around
Everyone says
Things I said I said
Being killed in the war
No funny story

Neverously confessed their love
Four years ago
Dreams do come true
Out there creating memories
We were all just humans
To once again see the sparkle your eyes used to have
The love of my life
A single step

A little piece of her
When confronted
How lucky I am
You can do it!
Under your bed
A plague that swept through the city
I've always been scared of people like you
You go back to her
Every single day

It was a surprise
Never have the courage
A natural death
The longest time
My will to live
I'm yours forever
Is my only
Madly hopelessly
Until the end of time

Don't know what I want
What I feel inside
Know you are lost
The last thing she ever said
Feel something for you
Bad Days
When you can't
To be able to read minds

It's a good thing
Things I hated about school
Warm breath on the back of my neck
Until the day she died
Be together forever
Nothing I've ever tried seems to help
My parents' murderer
Wear the ring I gave you
Nothing is wrong between us

Call me ugly
Comfort now
There you are, loving me
Excitement turned to something else
More than I thought possible
I know you're scared
Teddy bear
Why I wear makeup
I just hate my life
After about seven years

Shed a single tear
The purpose of human life
My entire life
I'd be strong enough
Has she resigned herself
Never say to her
Out here, somewhere, searching
Which finally explains
Particularly strong or fast
No matter how much you want it

Wretched and unnecessary
We were together
Unfair of you
Calmly reminded
Three little words
Lights at sea
The door was ajar
When I said those things
One hundred words for snow
This might sound crazy

The spark has gone out of your eyes
Even the things I don't like
Betraying my excitement
They all clapped and cheered
Never went in there
Out of boredom
Who you become
Far from home
Something of value
Worth waiting

What I really wanted
Like I belonged
To speak and remove all doubt
Don't understand grownups
Five nights in a row
Perform without an audience
Dance at your wedding
When you say you've
Haunt you forever
How happy I was

But you won't
Your own echo in me
Right after the accident
Dump my boyfriend
Missing you
Known each other a lifetime
Footsteps across the floor
Tonight the stars are out
Something terrible
One nickel

Spare bunting and greasepaint
Like a birthday cake
They play
Faked his own death
If you're thinking of me
Want to be in love
How she'd sometimes smile
Talk idly of jumping in
Flat, featureless landscape
Gets to have you in their life

A glue
Now I never can
Yes, little old you
A few million years old
Flowers in hand
Make it out
Carved your name
This entire other life
All of my friends were ghosts
three exorcists, four swamis, five sensitives

One thing that I learned
Limping on and on
Love in a graveyard
Or is it an ambulance?
For an hour trying
Was all smiles
The far off sound of trains
She'd smile and we'd fall in love
Whatever however whenever
One truly beautiful thing

Attempt the journey unprepared
Comics will resume their regular schedule next week
The one safe place
Wasn't fair of you
Heat death of the universe
Everything I ever loved
How your face would light up
An unmarked grave in a potters' field
Grown so much
Make it experience human emotion

Throw it in the ocean
Save me
I know in my heart
Saw you again just once more
Someone you don't know will die
Forget her face
Until after the shipwreck
Robots will never understand
Walked into the ocean
Just war

Chased so many dreams
You're doing fine
Exactly what to order
Tactical error
Split second of a laugh
Only got one
Followed a pretty girl
Good friends, true friends
Your parents' funeral
Keeps me awake at night

What happens to my face
The best thing about bananas
Made this effigy
Not quite right
Don't think we should be
Bound to end in tears
It's inevitable someone
How close we came
As fall turns to winter
Really needed to talk to someone

The wizard turned me into a parrot
Common wisdom
To nobody in particular
Incurably sad and alone
Crawl into bed
I love beginnings
Just escaping my troubles
A note in a library book
Such a disreputable character
the hardest moments

A big smile
Very few people
Couldn't stop smiling
as if you're sad inside
Pull my hair out
What really happened
Towards building a robot army
Stupid time machine
Your voice in the house

Continually scanning the crowd
Ok, maybe a little
All his promises
Won't matter at all
Lay all the blame
One day
Through the bars
Feels like home
The best thing
Waste another day

Could once have been
This distance between us
What feels normal
I'll never forget
A map of all the places
Their fatal mistake
Seems so much colder
My biggest mistake
Can never pinpoint exactly
This tunnel mouth and wondered

The saddest part
The colors of the sunset
It would be so simple
Sound of bombs
I hope you find it easy
When the war first started
Looking down on you
Out in the darkness of space
All this time waiting
The only antidote

Anywhere with you
Wish you didn't
A different story
Made a list
Chase after me
He came back for her
These days
Not over this
Tired of pretending

300 million other people
Romantic and stupid
Even when I return
Don't feel anything
Enough to believe
Once had love
Never saw any reason
Make a list
Because of your flaws

And that mistake was
People think
What is happening now
Makes me wish
Could be loved
A reason to stay
People don't go outside much anymore
Just physics
Sound of your voice
Fear of heights

The right words
One thousand greeting cards
The suitcase
I can't say that, in a way, it hasn't been exhilarating
Light born in a far off star
By what happened
Outside your window
Gets better and better
My entire life
On this very bridge

Our hopes and dreams
Up on our rooftops
Just say yes
The inescapable conclusion
Isn't quite the same
A passing tourist
Down the street
Keeps me going
An easy one
More than you'll ever realize

Take a good look around
The whole of Spring
After all these years
So as not to wake you
So you'd think
When she felt better
Go out of my way
And with trembling fingers
You're on your own
Steals your breath

Work up the courage
Not like I want you
Wait for daybreak
A society arose
Wanted to reach out and comfort her
Don't you go thinking
Explode like a star
Until he returned to her
Dropping little hints
Just for a moment

One thousand miles
An effort to get closer
Just as I predicted
After all we'd accomplished here
More than
In the basement of this house is a secret room
Made a vow
The perfect place
As a child
Finish your sentences

A shaft of light
The first thing you're supposed to do
Til the end of time
In the backyard
Starts to get nice and peaceful
January 24, 1961
Just throw yourself off a cliff
Smoke and souls
Set fire to the library
Never even notice

Tables set with tea and cakes
If you were waiting
To see him again
An aspiration of mine
Most of the history books
The person next to me
Should be proud
Sky looks beautiful
Never more alone
Never have to worry

One more chance at revenge
Go ahead and shoot
Running off with the love of my life
To actually say yes
My tears
Remembering not to laugh
Satisfy our curiosity
Cover my head with your hands
Used to daydream
From across the room

All I have left to remember you by
What was once thought impossible
Seeing you in pain
Not even close
Against a magnet
So many things left undone
The ends of the earth
Because cats don't wear shoes
But know this...
The explosions below

Alone in an uncaring universe
People who are damaged anyway
My enemies closer
He reached out his hand
You glanced back, just once
I held you tight and cried
On my wedding day
For all this time
Not that I don't want to
To be with you again

Until death
Every day out of habit
I just had to go back
Someone who will
It's natural to be afraid
As the army advanced
Two shooting stars
Some rubber bands
It's not raining
These things I've done

My heart stood still
The sound of jets overhead
Umm...It's kinda important
Certainly there are downsides
Everyone who ever loved me
Maybe in time
As I watched the city recede
Tell them you are getting married
That part of your life
The worst thing in the world

Falling star
How could that be?
Only human
As I watched the rocketship rise
People I don't know
In case know
Children gather round
Sometimes you can
Want to go home
I knew it was over

The stuff you left behind
Hung on his every word
The taste of tears
Safe from the bombs
Sometimes I get down on myself
I learned too late
When I was a little kid
Spring's not here yet
Enough time and enough sense and strength
I could be closer

Your biggest fear
But still you won't swim with me
This wretched present
Until the day you die
There were no thoughts left
After years of struggle
I fear falling in love with you
Too old to cry
Falling off a bridge
My enemies instead

Their cakes tasted almost heavenly
If I know
Without you as my anchor
You can only catch glimpses out of the corner of your eye
Finally, at the top of the world
Anything about you
I'm so glad you finally got sick and died
I spent the first half of my life
You always hear about people
Once had a dollhouse

He said what they were all thinking
The scenery is always nice
A pretty girl read my stories today
Woke up smiling
Don't despair
More and more intense
Said out loud
A better mousetrap
When I'm alone in the darkness
After my true love died

All my exes look the same
I'm not lonely
There yet
Those terrible things
Where the unpleasantness occurred
Not your worst nightmare
Two Weeks
If you had a ring
Optimists think the glass
We laugh a little

Like this, forever
The only thing my father ever gave me
She's not coming home
Suicide is the highest form of art
So many people had been buried
Art without purpose
Come to the conclusion
A tall lanky man dressed all in black
Brave enough to venture
Robots smashed their way

How else am I supposed to watch tv?
As long as I could
Father Christmas
I guess I'm just unlucky
I once thought this was purgatory
Far too ashamed
Only took us three months
Their biggest mistake was not realizing
We hoped
When it finally came

The people who live upstairs
A ghoulish army toils in darkness
Not the only one
The faint scratching sound
A million miles away
From the time they are children
I only had a second to decide
Can cause hurricanes
Get this damned rocketship finished
Just try to ignore it

Had me on the ceiling
Each time I leave here
A door into summer
Wanted a flying carpet
It's been eight years since that night
He named his daughter
No force in heaven or hell
Hush now
As much as other people

Before he left
How can you say it was wrong
Pennies from heaven
Girls like me
After all these years, I still get goosebumps
Come to the picnic
The strawberries are growing like weeds in the north field
Everything happens
The number on the old faded sign
It's not the fall

Remember the lake where we first met?
I'm going to save the world
Then one day I found my name
The only good part is
Why is there something inistead of nothing?
We can't seem to find the ground anymore
My eyes are filled
Tried every station on the dial
The thought of dying
To fight monsters

Take us to your leaders
Isn't there anyone left?
Two wars of conquest
Deep under the earth
Just like everybody else
An entire civilization of one-inch tall people
I'd like to live on the banks
During parties she liked to excuse herself
All the monuments they made were dedicated to war
You may come upon a hatch

Rumbling through the foothills
Can't be crazy
I never thought my words would have any value
War is the new black
When I'm lonely I look at them
I used to lie awake at night
Waste anything but time
Giant Monkey Mask
Extra Ordinary
Every night she climbed up the hill

He tried hard but often failed

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Eldritch by Evan Nichols of Ask Dr. Eldritch
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