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Adopted Son is my version of a sci-fi novel, which probably isn't very sci-fi because I don't read books like that, so it's just my approximation of the genre. Unlike my first novel, which was a cautionary tale of the illuminati and obsession, this second novel is an uplifting world-spanning story about babies... alien babies! How cute is that?!? Darn cute, that's for sure. It is also about farming, bioterrorism, the civil rights movement, and third world revolutions.

Although nominally a story of alien invasion based on Roswell Incident and the stories of 'abductees', it touches on a lot of today's social and political topics including; racism, terrorism, xenophobia, war, the intelligence community, bio-warfare, love, peace, family, genetic engineering, militarism, government bureaucracy, and what it means to be human. But don't take my word for it, listen to what the publisher says about it:

Adopted Son

The invasion has begun...

An invasion not from the stars but from within our wombs. All over the world children are being born...different. Their features are alien, their DNA isn't human, their loyalties are unknown. As scientists, spies, and regular citizens race to make sense of this new disease they find themselves asking the same question: Is this the first wave of an alien assault on Earth?

Celebrated fiction author and bioterrorism expert Dominic Peloso weaves a complex tale of alien invasion, environmental catastrophe, and societal upheaval, in a world not too removed from our own. Adopted Son perfectly blends hard sci-fi with biting political and social commentary to create a truly modern literary masterpiece that transcends genres.

$15.95 retail. 332 pages, 8.5"x5.5", trade paperback
Published by the Invisible College Press, LLC
Physical ISBN: 1-931468-26-5, electronic ISBN: 978-1-931468-76-3

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The first novel I wrote is called City of Pillars and it's a sort of conspiracy-laden adventure novel. It's a cautionary tale of obsession and the Men in Black. I like to tell people that it's a cross between Fight Club and DaVinci Code, or maybe its like if Cormac McCarthy tried to write an episode of the X-Files. It also came out before DaVinci Code so suck it Dan Brown. It's a pretty dark novel that I wrote when I was pretty depressed and listening to the Art Bell show at work all day long. Some people also think that it's got a bit of a Lovecraft/Cthuthlu vibe to it, but I think any connection to the Elder Gods is very minor at best.

If you are more interested in City of Pillars, and you can read more about it and download a free copy of that book HERE.

I also have a third novel, pretentiously titled, First World Problems in an Age of Terrorism and Ennui. I guess it is classified as 'contemporary literary fiction,' which basically means that it's not sci-fi or fantasy or romance, or any genre like that. It's just about regular people living in the regular world. In this case the regular world is Washington DC at the dawn of the third millennium (aka the year 2000). It's basically about people who don't deal very well with the fact that their lives are pretty comfortable and easy and they want more out of life, but don't know how to ask for it. Which is sort of where I was in life when I wrote it.

If you are more interested in First World Problems in an Age of Terrorism and Ennui, and you can read more about it and download a free copy of that book HERE.